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dy teamed up, or are teaming up, with Chinese partners in countries and regions covered by the B&R Initiative, angling for a slice of the gigantic trade and infra-str

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ucture cake.▓For instance, Munich-based engineering and electronics giant Siemens AG is intensifying collaboration on B&R-related projects in various countries and reg

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    ions.According to Cedrik Neike▓, member of the managing board of Siemens, the company plans to cooperate more with Chinese partners under the framework of the in

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    itiative this year."With our▓ experience and world-class project management, we have the potential to be bridge builders between Chinese players and internationa

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    l suppliers a▓nd customers, and together with our Chinese EPC (engineering, procur▓ement and construction) partners we will focus on paving the road

adForeign firms, too, gain from Belt & RoadForeign firms, too, gain from Belt & Road01-15-2018 09:05 BJTBy teaming up
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